Event Enhancement 

At every sporting event crowd participation is what separates the fans in the stadium from the millions watching at home.  CrowdPixie’s technology is a game changer. Each fan can become a part of the action using just a cell phone and the WiFi network at the stadium.  A sports team can include the CrowdPixie feature as a part of its fan app.  During the national anthem, a group of fans can show patriotism by being a moving, living national flag.  During timeouts fans can show team pride by displaying the team logo in a moving ‘wave’ of the team logo and colors.  Recognition of a group or individual is made easier and more dramatic. Because each fan is precisely located the team can personalize the fan experience to suit that location. 

The video above is an example with a group of around 40 people.  The apparently random colors we call “Digital Confetti” during the first 30 seconds are actually each device signaling its unique address to the camera.  At around 30 seconds, everyone receives a “yellow screen” which is a countdown to the start of the visual display effect.   At around 50 seconds, the show starts.  In this case, the show is a random sequence of images we call “Pixie Roulette”.  It consists of 5 images per second from each of the event sponsors.  When the “Roulette” stops, one lick winner has the red CrowdPixie logo on their phone.  The others have a sponsor image.   Better luck next time!