What is CrowdPixie?

CrowdPixie enables any wireless device to become an element of a synchronized, composite display.  Our patented technology uses a video camera and a smartphone app to perform location and synchronization of any number of wireless devices so long as the camera can see the device.  The CrowdPixieTM system can be applied to many situations   We currently have developed 3 types of applications for our system to address some specific market needs.  But if you have some other interesting ways you would like to propose we are happy to listen.  Just send us a message at customerservice@crowdpixie.com.

Synchronized composite displays (Pixies) can let the audience at a sporting event show their team spirit without the need for a bunch of old-school flip cards.   Pixies can be used to create lighting effects and visual cues for musical performances.  All those phones held up by fans to request an encore can become a canvas for the artists to use to express themselves.  Large signboards make a BIG impression, but they are expensive and hard to set up and take down.  But 400 7″ phone displays can become a 140″ synchronized display.  An easy way to make a big impression on your customers.   

We are just getting started so please be patient if we can’t reply immediately to your request.